Manufacturing textiles with electromagnetic shielding and fire retardant properties by plasma based methods




Financed by

UEFISCDI under contract no 28/2018 and
FINPIEMONTE Prot. n. 0007033 del 12/03/2018





Manufacturing textile industry critically needs to adopt novel concepts and strategies for reducing energy consumption and for minimizing the environmental impact, while producing new class of smart textiles. In TexEMFiRe project we propose the development and investigation of new textile materials with improved electromagnetic shielding (EMS) and flame retardand (FR) properties, devoted to the Buildtech domain, by utilization of ecofriendly plasma based techniques working at low and atmospheric pressure. Breakthroughs in the development of new class of coatings are expected since quantitative information on the plasma deposition process, EMS and FR properties will be gathered for the realization of the Life Cycle Assesment of modified textiles. The project is combining synergistically the expertize in plasma physics and coating technology, material science, textile engineering and manufacturing, bringing together in a tight collaboration universities, research institutes, SMEs and accredited laboratories from Romania and Italy. Such approach is going to foster the results implementation into industrial practice and to yield a strong valorization in terms of economic and scientific benefits.
As specific objectives of the TexEMFiRe international project, we envisage to:
1. design and manufacture innovative textile materials with metallic and insulating (fire-proof) barrier layers;
2. investigate electromagnetic shielding and fire retardant properties in order to demonstrate the improved multifunctionality;
3. optimize the plasma process and material properties in order to insure reduced operation costs;
4. provide an exploitation and business plan based on LCA studies ready to use in the manufacturing textile industry.
Expected results
The expected results on the international level upon project implementation are related to the development of plasma based methods (and not only) for obtaining multifunctional textile materials with electromagnetic shielding and fire-retardant properties devoted to BuildTech domain. The conducted research on the materials coated with metallic and isolating layers will lead to new information on the aplicability of the plasma sources in a multistation (magnetron sputtering and PECVD at low pressure) or multistep (low pressure magnetron sputtering of metallic layer combined with atmospheric pressure polymerization of fire retardant layer), about the mechanical and chemical properties of the textiles and their interaction with electromagnetic waves and fire. Moreover, the project foreseen performance testing, Life Cycle Assessement and comparison to classical treatment methods of textiles, as well as a business and exploitation plan made available to companies interested in knowledge and technological transfer. In according with H2020 definitions the Technology readiness level (TRL) of the TexEMFiRe is specified as TRL2 and we are planning to achieve during 2 years of the project TRL3 with preliminary demonstration of the results on TRL4 achieved by the Italian SME involved in the project.  With respect to the dissemination of results, the Romanian partners intend to participate to 4 international conferences in the field, publishing of 2 ISI papers, project web-page as well as the organization of an industrial workshop.

Stage I. Design, manufacture, plasma treatment and characterization of textile with electromagnetic and fire retardant properties
Period: April - December 2018

Stage II. Optimization by modeling and experimentation of plasma treatment processes applied to textile materials in order to obtain multiple functionality of electromagnetic attenuation and fireproofing (EMFiRe)
: 2019

Stage III. Life Cycle Assesment and elaboration of a business and exploitation plan in the field of manufacturing flame retardant textile materials with electromagnetic attenuation properties for Buildtech (EMFiRe)
Period: 2020