Manufacturing textiles with electromagnetic shielding and fire retardant properties by plasma based methods





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A. ISI Papers

1. I.R. Radulescu, L. Surdu, R. Scarlat, C. Constantin, B. Mitu, C. Morari, M. Costea, Modelling the Woven Structures with Inserted Conductive Yarns Coated with Magnetron Plasma and Testing Their Shielding Effectiveness, MDPI - Textiles 1 (2021) 4-20 PDF

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5. I.R. Rădulescu, E. Visileanu, I. Pătru, L. Surdu, M. Costea, V. Voicu, Modelling and testing the electromagnetic near field shielding effectiveness achieved by woven fabrics with conductive yarns, Industria Textila 69 (3) (2018) 169–176 PDF


B. Non-ISI Papers

1. I.R. Radulescu, L. Surdu, E. Visileanu, R. Scarlat, C. Constantin, C. MorarI, B. Mitu, Influence of plasma coated woven fabrics yarn’s density on electromagnetic shielding effectiveness, Annals of the University of Oradea, Fascicle of Textiles, Leatherwork Vol. 21, 1/2020 (BDI)

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4. I.R. Rădulescu, L. Surdu, E. Visileanu, M. Costea, B. Mitu, Ecranarea câmpului electromagnetic apropiat prin structuri textile țesute, Buletinul AGIR, An XXIII, nr. 3/2018 (BDI) 46-50



1. I.R. Rădulescu, L. Surdu, E. Visileanu, B. Mitu, Cristian Morari, Life Cycle Assessment of Flexible Electromagnetic Shields, Online Book chapter in the book Electromagnetic compatibility, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.99772 PDF

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B. Mitu, G. Dinescu, T. Acsente, IR Radulescu, L Surdu, I Mancasi, Textile-metal composite structure with electromagentic shielding properties obtained by weaving and plasma coating, OSIM patent registered with number Nr A000681 / 30.10.2020