Manufacturing textiles with electromagnetic shielding and fire retardant properties by plasma based methods




National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP)



The National R&D Institute for Textiles and Leather – INCDTP – is the only institute which has expertise and R&D facilities in the field of textiles, clothing and leather processing, having a tradition of over 60 years in the area.

Our main research fields of interest:
• Multifunctional products obtained by applying nanotechnology and microelectronics;
• Protection equipment made of textile and leather for environments with different risk degrees;
• Increasing the human health and life quality;
• Design and anthropometry;
• Environment protection;
• Special domains for national defense;
• Evaluation of the conservation state of cultural heritage leather objects;
• Development of innovation and technological transfer networks; development of clusters and competitiveness polls;
• Training / development of entrepreneurial skills in the textile-clothing sector, training / human resource development in the leather-footwear sector.

The activity of consulting & technical assistance services from 2 certified laboratories is focused on two main directions: research-development-innovation and providing services-laboratory tests to third party clients. Standardization activity for Romanian standards harmonization with European standards and/or ISO and development of new standards for raw materials, auxiliary product and finished product quality investigation methods.

Role in the project
INCDTP (P2) will design the fabrics meant for plasma treatment & shielding effectiveness and will perform investigations of their physical, mechanical, chemical and comfort properties, will develop a mathematical model of the treatment process parameters. INCDTP will also contribute to the Life cycle assessment. MAJ (P3) will design and manufacture the textile structures for plasma deposition and treatment and will contribute to the investigation of the specific textile properties.


Full name:

National Research and Development Institute for Textiles and Leather (INCDTP)

Main Focus:  
Project Manager:
Lilioara SURDU
(0040) 21-340.49.28
(0040) 21-340.42.00
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